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Edufect provides the Best Android training in Jaipur. Android is a skill that is needed by a lot of software companies. Globally over 86% of the smaprtphones run on Android and so Android is the leading mobile application development platform. With its expert faculty and industry relevant curriculum, Edufect helps students learn Mobile Application Development and Android leading to good placements and dream jobs in MNCs and software companies. Edufect is the Best Android Training Institute in Jaipur. Edufect is among the most focussed Android training institutes in Jaipur. Its course Perfect Android offers students good theoretical knowledge backed with hands-on coding and practical lab sessions and full job assistance. For the student in Jaipur, Edufect also offers a Summer Training in Android.

Edufect is among the best software institutes in the country. Edufect, an IIT IIM venture prides itself on its industry relevant and rigorous software courses in Android, Java, Python and other technologies and programming languages.

At Edufect, Android training is done by expert faculty. Students of Android in Jaipur learn Android from these expert faculty. For a student from Jaipur, Edufect provides a comprehensive learning environment with both theorey and practicals leading to the students becoming a Android Master. Android is a much sought after skill in the software industry. As more and more mobile applications are bein developed, the software industry needs more and more Android application developers. That is why the software industry likes Android Masters and hires and recruits them.

Edufect is the Best Android Training Institute in Jaipur. For a student from Jaipur, the student starts learning from the fundamentals of Android. This would include installing Android Studio and building the first Hello World application. The student can run these applications by making an apk) on the emulator or on the Android smartphone. The Android course covers
  • Android Studio installation and getting started with Android
  • Understanding the Android lifecycle and the concepts of Activity and Layout
  • Single Screen Apps, TextView, Button, Toast, ImageButton
  • Intent, Bundle, Multiple Screens
  • ScrollView, ListView, Menu
  • Adapters and Custom Adapters
  • Networking, Volley, NetworkImageView, JSON
  • Android Apps and SQLite
  • Fragments and other Android concepts

The Android course combines theoretical learning with lots of hands-on programming and practical training. The student in Jaipur gets a chance to learn Android from the best faculty. And all this while being in Jaipur. The student is able to get all the facilities without needing to go out of Jaipur. Just like Flipkart and Amazon, Edufect is able to offer the Best Android Training to the student in every part of Jaipur. The Edufect course in Android has been specially designed by IIT and IIM experts based on the requirements from the industry and focus on making the student a Android Master. As mentioned earlier, sofwtare companies like Android Master and are looking forward to hire them.

Edufect is the most well regarded Android training center in Jaipur with its expert faculty and great curriculum. As ecommerce has changed the way people shop in Jaipur and Flipkart and Amazon have become the largest shopping destinations in Jaipur, in the same way Edufect is changing the way students and freshers in Jaipur learn. Edufect is the best Android training center in Jaipur. Edufect in Jaipur and other parts of India teaches lots and lots of students Android and other software courses. The objective of each such course is to prepare the student to become a software master and have a good and successful software career.

The Android training course at Edufect is aptly named Perfect Android. Edufect itself comes from the words Education and Perfect and it is this vision that drives Edufect and all its faculty in their mission to the Best Institute for Android. The student in Jaipur is influenced by this mission of Edufect and the students from Jaipur and other cities together with Edufect work towards learning Android and becoming a Android Master.

Edufect for Jaipur students is among the best Android training institute in Jaipur with 100% placement support. Edufect focusses on placements just like it focussed on learning. Edufect also offers a lot of learning flexibility with morning classes, afternoon classes, evening classes and weekend classes. For a Jaipur student, this offers the opportunity to learn Android whether they are studying in college, preparing for job interviews or working and looking to switch to a better developer profile.

Many students from Jaipur have studied at Edufect (previously known as Trisect) and gone to do well in their careers in the software industry. It is for these reasons that students from Jaipur regard Edufect as the best institute for Android in Jaipur. The course Perfect Android from Edufect is regarded as the best Android training course in Jaipur.

Java Summer Training in Jaipur
Edufect also offers the best Summer Training courses for the student in Jaipur. For a student studying in a college in Jaipur or doing a BTech / MTech / MCA / BCA in Jaipur, Edufect offers the opportunity to do various Summer Training courses. Edufect offers Summer Training Courses in
  • Summer Training in Core Java
  • Summer Training in Advanced Java
  • Summer Training in Android
  • Summer Training in Python
The Summer Training courses from Edufect are regarded as the best summer training courses in the software industry. Doing a Summer Training from Edufect helps the student build a good foundation in Java. It is this foundation in Java which will lead to a Java Master and hence a career as a software developer. It is becasue of this that Edufect is regarded as the Best Summer Training in Java in Jaipur. Students from Jaipur enroll for the course early to ensure that seats for the Summer Training in Java are available to them. The Summer Training courses from Edufect come with a project. The student is also given a certificate at the end of the Summer Training.

Placement Assistance and Placement Support

Edufect for Jaipur students is among the best training institute in Jaipur with 100% placement support. Edufect focusses on placements just like it focussed on learning. Edufect also offers a lot of learning flexibility with
  • Morning classes
  • Afternoon classes
  • Evening classes
  • Weekend classes

Edufect, the best Institute for Software courses also offers the following courses :

Edufect, the Best Institute for Java for students of Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Jaipur, has a motto that every student should become a Java Master ( #JavaMaster , #EdufectJava ). And it is possible to achieve it. Everyone can Become a Java Master. Edufect's course Job Ready Java is specially designed to make a student / fresher a Java Master. A lot of students perceive it as a job oriented training for software job but in reality it is aimed at creating a Java Master. Edufect's relentless focus on Java Master in the Job Ready course has led to a lot of software companies working with Edufect and in 2016 Edufect was able to conduct 127 Edufect Placement Drives.

Edufect, with its unique faculty led 1 on 1 online classes is the best institute for students from all over India - Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Ahemdabad, Indore etc. Thousands of students from Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad have benefited from Edufect courses on Java and Job Oriented Trainings and have become good software developers with good software careers.

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